Song Hye

He is the master -saying cheesy lines with a straight face lols ❤️

Song Joong Ki at his best…

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Song Joong Ki - Harper’s Bazaar Korea, (May 2016)

Love it!

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I tried lớn make it more fun by switching the characters a bit.

Si-jin is an easy going, playful, straight forward & non conformist surgeon. He is considered as one of the best surgeons in Seoul. His parents owns a hospital in Kangnam but he decided to lớn work for a competition instead. Although he is considered one of the most eligible bachelors in Kangnam, he loves work và although many nurses try khổng lồ flirt with him, he has no interest. He decides khổng lồ work for Doctors without Borders in Somalia khổng lồ lead a humanitarian mission after helping Kang Mo-Yeon in BangKok, Thailand.

Si-jin often flatters and teases Mo-yeon with his lãng mạn lines, especially about her beauty and “being sexy” in combat.

Mo yeon is the leader of the five-member Alpha Team, including herself và Dae-young. She is portrayed as easy-going, playful, straightforward, & charismatic but also brave, skillful soldier. She is immensely loyal lớn her country và is a strong feminist. Her father was a famous Korean surgeon who decided to lớn work for Doctors WIthout Borders. While she was growing up in Ethiopia, she saw helpless female victims die due lớn violence & war. In the final episode, Mo-yeon is promoted to lớn Major.

Myeong-joo is a doctor and the daughter of the hospital where Si-jin works. She has feelings for Dae-young, but her father is a shrewed business man. He disapproves a marriage that will not lead khổng lồ any profits. Dae-Young’s poor family background will not help the hospital. Formerly, Myeong-joo went khổng lồ same college as Mo-yeon, and she attracted the attention of a college student whom Mo-yeon had a crush on, causing a strain in their friendship. However, in the end, their relationship with their respective boyfriends bring the two close together.

He và Si-jin often spend time together either in a operating room or in a break. In terms of romance, Dae-young is soft-hearted và awkward. He gets the attention of Doctor Yoon Myeong-joo who is the hospital owner’s daughter.