The Google Play Store is one of the most important parts of Android. Here's what you need khổng lồ know.

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01What is the Google Play Store?02Learning the basics03Logging in và out04Install & update apps05Payment methods và gift cards06Add, hide, & remove devices07Other tutorials
The Google Play Store is one biggest và most important parts of Android. It’s the central hub for all app và game content. It’s also a reasonably decent place for movies, TV shows, và e-books. The Play Store is a little overwhelming at times but you can learn how lớn easily navigate it with a little help. There are a ton of commands, actions, & other activities within the app. Don’t worry, though — we’re going khổng lồ cover basically all of them. Here is just about everything you can vày in the Google Play Store.

Please note that some actions are more complicated than others. We may link you to a separate tutorial for the longer stuff in the interest of space. If you are experiencing Play Store issues, here are the most common problems & how lớn fix them as well as some common error codes và what to vày about them.

What is the Google Play Store?


Joe Hindy / game android Authority
So what is the Google Play Store, anyhow? The Google Play Store is a digital storefront for various types of media. People most commonly use the ứng dụng to tải về apps and games. However, the Play Store also sells e-books, TV shows, và movies. Everything, aside from apps và games, has its own ứng dụng so you can optionally browse those sections only.

The store was originally the game android Market và it came out in October of 2008. It received many UI updates over the years, along with additional nội dung and functionality. It changed its name to the Play Store in March 2012 and it’s been that way ever since.

While Google Play is strongly associated with Android, it is not a part of the stock android experience. It’s actually an extra piece of software for Google’s specific apk experience. That’s why the Play Store isn’t available on app android forks like Amazon’s Fire OS. OEMs must adhere khổng lồ a specific phối of rules to lớn get Google apps và the Play Store is part of that package. There are alternate ứng dụng stores available for game android as well.

If you need the Play Store, we have a full tutorial on how to download and install the Play Store here. Okay, let’s get started with those tutorials!

The basics


Joe Hindy / app android Authority
There are some basic settings with some simple controls. The Play Store grants easy control over notifications, tải về settings, & some other fine-tuning. We’ll give you brief tutorials on where each one is & how to access each one.

Change Google Play notification settings:

Tap your profile picture in the đứng đầu right corner & tap the Settings option. From there, tap the General section and the notifications option should be in there.You can enable (or deny) notifications for your account, when updates are available, và when updates are installed. There are also additional options for when a pre-registered tiện ích or trò chơi launches along with a đơn hàng and promotions notification.

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Change Google Play tải về settings:

There are actually two tải về settings in the Google Play Store. Tap the profile picture again and go khổng lồ Settings. This time, you want to lớn tap the Network preferences section where the download settings live.The first is App download preferences. You can mix this to only tải về apps over a Wi-Fi connection, over any network, or to lớn ask you when you choose khổng lồ download.The second is Auto-update apps. The first option lets you tải về updates over any connection, the second limits everything khổng lồ Wi-Fi only, và the third option turns off auto-update entirely.While it isn’t a download setting, you can also turn off auto-play videos in this part of the menu. I recommend doing so as it’s a senseless waste of data.

Access, view, & alter your Google Play Wishlist:

You can địa chỉ any app, game, movie, TV show, book, or song/album to lớn your wishlist by going khổng lồ that media’s page, tapping the 3-dot menu in the top right corner, and tapping the Add to lớn wishlist option.You can remove any truyền thông by returning to lớn that media’s page, repeating the process, except this time select Remove from wishlist.View your Wishlist by going to lớn the Play Store trang chủ page, tapping the profile picture button, and tapping the Library option. Tapping anything on the danh sách takes you to lớn that item’s Play Store page so you can either download, buy it, or remove it from your wishlist.You can also go into the Settings again, click on General, và then Account and device preferences. From there, tap the Clear wishlist option (toward the bottom) lớn remove all wishlist items in one go.

Change your Google Play Store theme:

This one is easy. Tap the profile picture button and select Settings.Tap the General section khổng lồ expand it and then tap the Theme option. Your options should include light, dark, and system theme. The first two options are self-explanatory. The system theme option makes the Play Store dark or light based on your device’s theme.

Change Google Play Protect settings:

Tap the profile picture button và select the Google Play Protect option.Tap the cogwheel icon in the đứng đầu right corner lớn view the Google Play Protect settings. You can also force a scan to make sure your apps are all good.We honestly don’t recommend turning anything off, since all data collected is anonymous and Google Play Protect works better than antivirus apps in virtually all cases. However, if you want lớn disable them, you can here.

View payment history, balances, and redeem gift codes

Tap the profile picture button & then tap Payments & subscriptions.From here, you can select Payment methods, Subscriptions, budget & history, & Redeem gift code. All the selections vị basically exactly what you think they do.There is a second option khổng lồ redeem a gift thẻ under the Payment methods section as well as an option to lớn directly buy Google Play Credit.

View other Google Play Store settings:

Click the profile button and select the Settings option.Under the About header, you can view the Google Play Store version, view your Play Protect certification, and see xuất hiện source licenses.

How khổng lồ enable and disable Instant Apps

Instant Apps is a feature that temporarily loads apps from web liên kết and other places without actually downloading the phầm mềm so you can try it before you download it.Tap the profile picture button và tap Settings.Tap the General section và select the Google Play Instant option. Enable it on the next screen. Please note, this may take a bit lớn actually show up in things like web searches.

That should cover all of the basics.